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Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnan​cy Massage is specially adapted to help mummy's to be feel comfortable & relaxed. It helps to relieve many minor ailments associated with pregnancy, general aches and pains, swollen ankles, poor circulation, anxiety & helps aid relaxation.

This massage is specially adapted to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, in a side lying position to massage the back.


Improves circulation

Relieves aching, restless legs,

Reduces water retention

Maintains muscle tone

Induces relaxation promoting better sleep

Enhances sleep

Increases energy levels

Aids digestion

Reduces stress and anxiety

Nourishes the skin

Pregnancy Treatments are only carried after the first Trimester & from 14weeks on the provision that no contraindications to treatment are present.

A full consultation will be given before massage is applied to ascertain any possible contra-indications. The main contraindications were massage can not take place is: threatened miscarriage, early labour, multiple pregnancy, placental dysfunction, pre-eclampsia, and diabetes.

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